1 About China Trends Index 关于中国·时尚指数


China Trends Index has an impressive media, speaking and consulting profile with our consultancy project.


Since 2006, every year survey 10,000 fashionistas. Accumulated tens of thousands data., combined with large data and expert advice. To provide first-hand information and insights to the fashion industry.

2 ABOUT OUR NEW BOOK 关于中国·时尚指数白皮书

A Practical Guide to the Fashion Industry


China Trends Index presents a unique methodology for China Fashion industry trend spotting along with practical tools and approaches to help companies determine the way ahead.


Our research scope includes:Media,Designers, Business channel and the government committed to the development of the fashion industry. The Five Forces model contains a set of usable tools for managers and organizations, along with real examples and case studies.


With clear and practical insights, this book presents China Trends Index's tried and tested methodology for analyzing future trends in fashion industry. This book is both timely and topical; there is a huge industry interest in future planning, trend spotting and innovation.


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